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Tapes and Technical Solutions can assist with your High Temperature requirements!

PTFE-Glass Fabric is used in the widest range of applications due to its combination of high performance and moderate price. Applications include release sheets on heat-sealing machines and laminate presses, release surface for paints, adhesives and food products, gaskets, seals and bearings for chemicals, oils, and gases, thermal insulation for high-temperature and chemical-resistant applications and covers on hot platens, chutes, hoppers and troughs.


  • Offers a smooth surface with superior non-stick properties
  • Cost effective release surface solution

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Repulpable Tapes


Repulpable tapes are designed to dissolve in water and are used by paper mills, newspaper printers, and web printers. This tape does not have to be removed in order to recycle (repulp) scrap paper, making it an environmentally friendly product.

Tapes and Technical Solutions offers a full line of REPULPABLE tapes manufactured by Adhesives Research. These products maintain splice integrity and offer superior high-temperature performance over a wide range of web temperatures. Available in green or blue for easy splice detection.

These tapes have excellent adhesion to a wide variety of paper grades while maintaining tack over a wide range of environmental conditions.  Easy repulping, conforming to TAPPI UM 213 repulpability procedure A.

Typical applications:

  • Zero speed splicesrepulpable tapes
  • Flying splices
  • Manual overlap splices
  • Core starting
  • Roll finishing
  • Roll tabbing
  • Safety splices
  • Butt splices

Ask your representative to assist you in choosing a repulpable tape best suited for your application.


Polyester Tapes


TTS offers a broad range of Polyester Tapes supporting the most demanding extreme and exacting applications. Substrates include Polyester with silicone, rubber, acrylic, and proprietary adhesive systems.

Polyester adhesive tapes are economical solutions where electrical insulation and physical protection including masking in electronics and industrial processing are required.

Typical applications:

  • Zero speed splicespolyester tape colors
  • Transformer and Capacitor wrapping
  • Printed Circuit Board fabrication and masking
  • Splicing Tape
  • Composite Bonding Protection
  • Economical Electronics and Industrial Masking

Please contact your sales representative for information. We look forward to helping you choose the right product for your application.